Wax and Tint

Frame those gorgeous new lashes with perfectly shaped brows. We encourage a thicker look with a shape that compliments your natural arch.

Brow wax ($15.00 : 20min)

Brow tint ($15.00 : 20min)

Brow duo ($30.00 : 30min)


Includes a wax and tint. Our most popular and most recommended.

Brow Sculpting ($49.00 : 45min)

Walk out of our salon with bomb sculpted brows! This service includes a map, wax, tint, fill and conceal. 

Brow Lamination ($40.00 : 50min)

Get fluffy looking brows with our new brow lamination service. This service includes a brow shape, wax and lamination of the brows. (Not suitable for thick, course hair.)  

Brow Lamination and Lash Lift ($70.00 : 1hr)

Get fluffy looking brows plus your lashes lifted! Perfect if you love that natural look but want to subtley emphasis your natural features. 

Lash tint ($20.00 : 20min)


Tired of penciling in sparse, overplucked brows? Give thinning brows a semi-permanent boost with microblading. A small blade is used to deposit custom-matched ink throughout the brow area, in the uppermost layers of the skin, resulting in a natural-looking filler that lasts anywhere from 12-18months. ​We have three options to choose from

Feather stroke ($389.00 : 2hr)

Combination brows ($389.00 : 2hr)

Ombre brows ($389.00 : 2hr 30min)