Eyelash Extensions

The application of semi-permanent eyelash extensions is an elective cosmetic service and individual responses to the products/ingredients used may differ from person to person. Adhesive tapes, glue and under-eye gel pads used during the application may cause an allergic reaction in some clients. If the client experiences any discomfort during the procedure, they have to advise the lash practitioner immediately.

Contact lenses should be removed prior to treatment and if pregnant, the application of eyelash extensions will be at the client's own risk. Eyelash Sorelle Beauty Clinic, employees or practitioners are not responsible for any ill effects which may result from this optional cosmetic service.

Although all treatment products and instruments are handled with greatest care and diligence and every effort is made to provide a hygienic service, it is still possible that the client may experience eye irritation and this might lead to infection. If after the appointment client feels any burning, itching or discomfort to eyes or eyelids, or observe any swelling of the eyelids, it is their responsibility to seek medical help at their own expense.

Clients will be given precise aftercare instructions at the end of the service visit and following these instructions will ensure the best, most durable result. 


Clients should not get their eyelash extensions wet within the first 24 hours of application and consider that the use of mascara or any other eye make-up can shorten the length of time their eyelash extensions remain in place.

Clients are also advised never to use waterproof mascara/eyeliner on or near their eyelash extensions. Clients should consider that, even with strict adherence to these care instructions, Sorrelle Beauty Clinic are unable to guarantee exactly how long their eyelash extensions will last and that there are many variables, such as individual hair growth cycle, use of cosmetic skin care products and overall care given after application, that can influence the longevity of their eyelash extensions.

Clients should not rub their eyes or pull at the eyelash extensions which can result in breakage, lash loss, and/or damage to the natural eyelashes. If clients wish to keep their eyelash extensions looking their best, regular maintenance/infill appointments, to replace eyelashes that fall out due to wear and tear or their normal life cycle, will be necessary.

NO REFUNDS are given for eyelash extension services and if a client decides to have their eyelash extensions removed, a $40 removal fee will apply.

When booking in as a model that your lashes are most likely done by our trainee lash artist and these lashes will be at a discounted rate. Please be mindful of this and by agreeing to this service you understand that Sorelle Beauty is not liable for any unlikely adverse outcome e.g longevity of lashes or injury.